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To Fans and Friends of Covenant Athletics:

Greetings and welcome to the Covenant College Compliance Office website! It is critical that both the institution and the individual do our part to learn and abide by the NCAA, conference, and College rules that impact Covenant recruits, student-athletes, coaches, and boosters. The goals of the Athletic Department compliance program are to:

  • Maintain control of its athletic programs through the responsible administrators, faculty, and institutional bodies.
  • Educate coaches, staff, student-athletes, and other individuals involved with the athletics program in their institutional responsibilities under the rules and develop operating systems that provide guidance in how to work within these rules.
  • Monitor all aspects of the College's athletics programs to ensure compliance, identify and report to the NCAA all instances in which compliance has not been achieved, and affirm that appropriate corrective actions are taken.
  • Help all fans and friends of the Covenant athletic program comply and maintain competency with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules and hold each individual responsible to report any violation of these rules of which he or she is aware.

The College's goals in responding to any violations will be to encourage communication, to seek consistency and accountability and, above all, to send a strong message that the College is unequivocally committed to rules compliance.

Thank you for caring about Covenant College Athletics and taking the time to review the Covenant College Athletics Compliance Office web site! Your assistance in preventing violations of NCAA, USA South and institutional rules plays a vital role in supporting Covenant's athletics program, and the hundreds of student-athletes who wear blue and white every year. As we strive for continued excellence, we always seek the highest standard of ethical conduct. Covenant College is proud to have your loyal support, dedication and enthusiasm for Scot Athletics.

NCAA rules are the responsibility of everyone from student-athletes to administrators to boosters. In helping the Covenant College athletics department achieve its higher purpose, we ask your assistance in continuing to build a compliance conscience.

Please feel free to contact the Athletics Compliance Office with any questions about NCAA rules.

Always ask before you act!

Tim Sceggel
Director of Athletics